I have increasingly less leisure time. Cada vez tengo menos tiempo libre.

It’s in the centre of town. What part of town is that in?

Yes, it is near the leisure centre.

Reliable manufacturers: Fabricantes confiables

Scarce: Escaso

You can’t do anything in this heat. It’s hot!

You’ll be paid in advance. Se paga por adelantado

The cage was too small for such a big animal.

When he arrived home, his wife was asleep.

It will be here soon. Don’t be so impatient.

I was working until midnight.

Your dog is very affectionate.

Let’s stay in contact!


Okay, we’re going to look at two conjunctions now, which advert ally almost synonyms: HOWERVER and NEVERTHELESS; sin embargo, no obstante.

It´s raining, nevertheless, I’m going to go for a walk.

I’m happy about the project. However, I’m worried about the costs.

I was very tired last night. Nevertheless, I stayed up watching a film until two in the morning.

I don’t have a clue. Nevertheless, I’ll try to help you.

I like the idea. However, I don’t think it will work.

Henry VIII wasn´t particularly attractive, nevertheless he married six women and had lots of mistresses.

Jaguars aren’t cheap nevertheless I want one.

I didn’t finish the proposal on time. Nevertheless, I’ll submit what I have.….entregaré lo que tenga.

You C.V. looks promising. However, we are not currently hiring.

The weather was awful. Nevertheless, we had a good time.

There weren’t any problems at the airport. However, we missed our flight.

The conference wasn’t very interesting. Nevertheless, we stayed until the end.

The house is old. Nevertheless it is in sound conditions.

The dog was wet, cold and smelly. Nevertheless, I invited him to sleep on my bed for the night.


Scapegoat; chivo expiatorio –Harmful –Stretch(es) –Misunderstanding -To take steps

In charge of; responsable (cargo) –To sign -Feather

The company accountant became in the president’s scapegoat.

Smoking is harmful.

Paul stretches every mooring.

The mistake was due to a misunderstanding

We need to take steps to reduce noise pollution.

Paul is in charge of the production line. I’m responsible for my acts. (adjective).

You need to sign your name at the bottom of the form.

Jackie’s new mobile phone is as light as a feather.

I’ve been working full-time here for over a year. …jornada complete…

Some of my old school teachers were very strict. …estrictos.

You can’t force people to attend the conference. …asistir

Her husband stayed with her during the birth. …estuvo con ella en el parto.

There’s another blanket in the cupboard if you need it. …manta…

This sauce needs more garlic. …ajo.

He’s quite well-known in his field. …está bastante reconocido en su campo.

It doesn’t make sense to call them today. No tiene sentido…

They had to resort to violence. Tuvieron que recurrir a la violencia.

Careful! There’s a wasp by your hand. …avispa…

We need to buy some coal for the fire. …chiminea.

Andrea’s biggest weak point is his lack of confidence.

Buying that house was a great investment. Comprar esa casa fue una gran inversión.

These figures will help us to understand the latest trends. Estas cifras…

My neighbor has a beard. …tiene barba.

These guidelines are there to help you.

Have you seen our new brochure? ¿…folleto?

Walking in the country give me a sense freedom!

Miguel always suffers from nerves before a performance. …actuación.

It’s that a threat?

It’s cloudy today.

If you can’t find it look in the index.

China is the top wheat producer worldwide. …el mayor productor…del mundo.

If there are no buses we can go a foot.

Okay, let’s get straight on to looking at this example then;

There’s usually a six-month trial period. …un periodo de prueba...

My brother’s neighbor is a wealthy man….es rico.

Did you have a good time at the party?

They clearly want us to fall into the trap. Claramente querían…

He’s been a tramp for fifteen years.

He was very upset when his wife left him. …disgustado…

Spanish plugs don’t work in England.

He’s so naïve. Es tan ingenuo. Naïve: Única palabra con diéresis.

The budget is very generous. La propuesta …

The Queen visited the British embassy last night.

A terrible headache. …un horrible dolor de cabeza

He’s a liar. …mentiroso.

There’s a cave directly under our house.

On your chin. En la barbilla.

Skyscrapers: Rascacielos

At random: Al azar.

You might get Injured: Podrías lesionarte.

You have the right to demand an answer. …a exigir…

Guess what I’ve bought for you birthday. Adivina…


Let’s look at a few more new words then, starting with:

Easily –Platform -carefully- Lamb- Ahead- Gift- Noisy- Nosy

I was able to do it easily. Podía hacerlo fácilmente.

The train leaves from platform two.

Put it into the box carefully.

The train will leave from platform one.

We can easily achieve our goals.

Open the bottle carefully.

Our neighbours are noisy and nosy.

This is a small gift for you.

There are traffic lights ahead.

Look at that lovely little lamb.

My neighbours are very nosy.


Okay, look at a few of today words, first of all;

To tickle: Hacer cosquillas –Regardless of: Independientemente de –Likelihood: Probabilidad Stingy: Tacaño –To throw away: Tirar a la basura –Stork: Cigüeña -To faint: Desmayar –Magnet: Imán.

Don’t tickle her she doesn’t like it! No le hagas cosquillas

He jumped into the river to save the child regardless of the danger. ...independientemente...

The likelihood of winning the lottery is virtually zero. Es prácticamente..

'LIKELIHOOD OF' is always followed by the proposition 'OF' and then 'The verb in the gerund'; the likelihood of doing; the likelihood of going; the likelihood of seeing someone; etc, etc.

Don’t rely on Pablo to give you any food, he’s very stingy. No cuentes con Pablo…

I can’t believe that you’ve thrown away my favourite T-shirt.

There’s a huge stork’s nest on the roof.

Peter nearly fainted when he saw the figures….casi se desmayó cuando vio las cifras.

Our fridge door is covered in magnets. La puerta de nuestro frigo está llena de imanes.


Okay, let’s look at a few more new words, starting with:

A sign: Un letrero –Health: Salud –Polite: Educado –Library: Biblioteca

Bookshop: Librería –Average: Promedio –Awake: Despierto –Forecast: Prevision

Many small bookshops have closed.

Our local library has a huge selection. …biblioteca del barrio…

Her level is above the national average.

Is she awake?

The sign is made of wood.

They’re worried about my health.

Please try to be polite to him.


Okay, we're gonna to look at eight new words now.

One of which is 'To pretend': Fingir -To claim: Pretender, reclamar –Tiny: Pequeñito/a -To miss: Perderse -To scratch: Arañar –A scar: Una cicatriz –Selfish: Egoísta –Shellfish: Marisco -Miracle: Milagro.

To do something non stop. Hacer algo sin parar.

She scratches her scar. Se arrasca su cicatriz.

She’s very selfish. Ella es muy egoísta.

I love eating shellfish washed down with some white wine. ...regado con vino blanco.

It’s a miracle you’ve passed all your exams! ...hayas pasado…!


Okay, we’re going to look at another selection of words, for example:

Foreigner: Extranjero –A hill: Una colina –Feelings: Sentimientos –To improve: Mejorar -Point of view: Punto de vista –Account: Cuenta –A desk: Un pupitre –A step: Un paso.

It’s easy to hurt their feelings.

Well, what’s your point of view?

Do you have a bank account here in Spain?

What’s the next step?


Let’s look at eight more words then, starting with:

Almond: Almendra -To blackmail: Chantaje -To encourage: Animar, alentar -Throat: Garganta –Sensitive: Sensible -A con: Un fraude –Faithful: Fiel –Coward: Cobarde

Let's have a look at some examples then:


Are you blackmailing me?

To carry on: Adelante

My father encouraged me a lot to carry on.

We don't say 'My throat hurt' We say 'I have a sore thorat': I’ve had a sore throat for a few days. He tenido dolor de garganta durante…

Sore: Adjetivo de dolor ya que acompaña al sustantivo y como sustantivo significa 'Llaga'.

You seem very sensitive at the moment.

Be careful with 'Sensitive'and 'Sensible': 'Sensible' means 'Sensato' en inglés. 'Sensitive' means 'Sensible'.

The trip to the Pyramids was a complete con.

I’ve always been faithful to my principals.

You don’t want to tell her because you’re a coward.


Let’s look at eight new words then, starting with:

Advantage: Ventaja –Career: La experiencia laboral –A degree: La Carrera universitaria -Unfair: Injusto –Aloud: En voz alta –Narrow: Estrecho –Taxes: Impuestos –Balance: Equilibrio

Let’s look now then some examples just to practice those new words:

People who speak good English have an advantage.

I did a degree in language. I did a degree in Maths. I did a degree in Physics.

Career; vida laboral.


Okay, let’s look at eight more exciting words.

Outgoing which means; extrovertido –A challenge: Un reto –A disease: Una enfermedad.

A flood: Una inundación –Refreshing: Refrescante –Mainly: Principalmente -The Stock Market: La bolsa –A masterpiece; una obra maestra

There have been some devastating floods recently in central Europe.

I’m mainly concerned about the social repercussions. Principalmente me preocupan…

The latest from the stock market is tremendous news! Lo último en bolsa es una fantástica…

What do you think Picasso’s greatest masterpiece is? ¿Cuál crees que es la obra maestra más grande de Picasso?



This is our dog. -Their book is blue. -Su libro (de ellos) es azul. -Their pens are red. -These are our chairs. -That’s your table. -Those are your apples. -This is their room. -Your office is small. -That’s their plane. -Those aren’t your oranges. -That’s not our lamp. -These aren’t their glasses. Their car isn’t red. -This isn’t our phone. -Those aren’t your books. -This isn’t their picture. -These aren’t our pens. -Is that their dog? -Is that their table? -Is this your armchair?

Clothes: Ropa –A business street: Una calle de negocios -A shopping center: Un centro comercial –A department store: Un almacén -Advertising and not publicity –Stairs: Escaleras –Soup: Sopa –Suit: Traje and finaly; blind; ciego y como sustantivo: Persiana.

Where did you buy your clothes? My boss is on a business trip, in the city centre.

How much do you spend on advertising?

Be careful when you go down the stairs! Cuando bajes

You have to wear a suit to the meeting.

I can’t believe that the pianist was blind.


Let’s look at eight more words, starting with:

Safe and sound: Sano y salvo –Hectic: Ajetreado –Foundation: Cimientos –Failure: Fracaso -Encouraging: Alentador –Valuable (worthy): Valioso –Politics: Política –Terrific: Fabuloso.

Okay, let’s go for some examples:

I’m having a really hectic morning.

What’s the most valuable painting in the Prado museum?

My uncle is very interested in politics.

That’s terrific news! ¡Es una noticia fabulosa!


Park: Parque –Beach: Playa –Supermarket –Bus stop –Factory: Fábrica -Bookshop: Librería –Bank: Banco –Theatre: Teatro –Newsstand: Quiosco –Church: Iglésia -School: Escuela –Shopping centre: Centro commercial –Cinema: Cine.

There’s a theatre near this bank. There isn’t a metro station near that theatre. También aquí podemos decir; there isn't a Tube Station. En N.Y. dicen 'The Subway'

Is there a bench near this bank?


Let’s look at eight more words then and just so do them to death. Let’s start to form part of your active English. Of course if you want them to really form part of your active English you’ll have to listen to this track at least fifteen or twenty times, all right? Starting with then;

Refund: Reembolso –Spider: Araña -To whistle: Silbar –Loose: Suelto -Mankind: La humanidad –Uphill: Cuesta arriba –Downhill: Cuesta abajo -To locate: Localizar

I asked for a refund. Pedí un reembolso

I have a phobia of spiders or I suffer from arachnophobia; we use the same word in English.

Padezco de aracnofobia

My father always whistles that tune when he’s happy.

One on my front teeth is a bit loose. Un poco suelto

Research, doesn’t take the article, we say; research. And not; the research

Scientific research benefits all of mankind. La investigación científica…toda la…

It’s uphill all the way to my house.

It’s much easier cycling downhill. Es mucho más fácil ir en bicicleta cuesta abajo.

It took them ages to locate him. Tardaron años en localizarle.


We’re going look now at eight more exciting words, starting with

Thread: Hilo –Receipt: Recibo –Profitable: Rentable –Trustworthy: Digno de confianza -In the way: En medio –Unexpected: Inesperado –Drum: Tambor -Tongue twister: Trabalenguas.

Have you kept the receipt?

She sells sea shells on the seashore; a well-known English tongue twister.

It goes like this:

She sells sea shells by the seashore. The shells that she sells are sea shell I’m sure. So if she sells sea shells on the seashore, I’m sure the shells she sells are seashore shells.



Are there any books on the chair? How many books are there on the chair?

Are there any pencils on the table? How many pencils are there on the table? There are two.

Are there any magazines on the chair? How many magazines are there on the chair?

Are there any cigarettes in the packet on the table?

How many cigarettes are there in the packet on the table? There are four.

Are there any apples on the table? Are there any pens on the table?

Are there any glasses on the table? How many glasses are there on the table?

Are there any bottles on the table? How many bottles are there on the table? There are two.

Are there any cigars are in the box on the chair?

How many cigars are there in the box on the chair?


Let’s look at eight more words, starting with:

Sharp: Afilado –Thick: Grueso o espeso –To doubt: Dudar –Actually: En realidad -Currently: Actualmente -Advise: Consejo -Crowded: Abarrotado –To shout: Gritar. -Weed: Mala hierba.

Be careful with that knife is really sharp. ...está muy afilado.

The supermarket was absolutely crowded. It was a nightmare.

Don’t shout at me like that! ¡No me grites así! or that way! ¡De esa forma!

The stadium was crowded, there’s no doubt about it.


Let’s look at eight more words then; and just work and work at them:

To update: First of all which means; to refresh -To Expire: Caducar –Helpless: desamparado -Delightful: Encantador –Outgoing: Extrovertido –Aisle: Pasillo -To Split hairs: Rizar el rizo -Recipe: Receta.

John has a great outgoing personality.

I hate sitting next to the aisle because you have to get up every time someone else wants to go to the toilet.

You’ll have to give me recipe. My passport is about to expire.

My driving license expires at the end of the month.

Thank you ever so much, this is. These polite ways of saying thank you 'Thank you ever so much' .

In English we say to go on a course. Cuando en español decis 'Ir a un curso' 'To go on a course'.

Would you like a window sit or in aisle sit?


Okay, let’s look at eight more words, starting with:

Wild; like adj. which means: Savage –Savings: Ahorros –Shortcut: Atajo -Ancestor: antepasado -Unknown; como adj. desconocido -Gossip: Chismorreo –Tight: Apretado -To pack: Hacer las maletas -El comercio de esclavos es 'The slave trade'. -We stress the first syllable; his ancestor

Have you heard the latest gossip?

These trousers are far too tight. Esos…son demasiado apretados.


Let’s look at eight more words, starting with:

A roundabout: Rotonda -To ricochet: Rebotar –Rickety: Desvencijado -To slap: Abofetear -Guinea pig: Conejillo de índias –Resourceful: Ingenioso -To haggle: Regatear -Flimsy: Endeble.

We spent at least ten minutes haggling. Paul is always the company guinea pig.

Paul is always the company guinea pig.

A bit rickety; un poco desvencijada.

We use rickety often when we’re talking about; wooden structures, wooden pieces of furniture.

That ladder is very rickety, you’ll fall. Esa escalera está…

Ricochet; this is the French’s one, so we don’t pronounce the “t”. The past which looks like “ricocheted” is pronounced “ricosheit”

The bullet ricocheted off the wall and hit the bucket. …cubo.

To slap: With the flat of our hand.

To support: Means; apoyar.

To bear weight: Soportar peso

The material for the shelves is too flimsy to bear any weight.


Smoking: Fumando –Wearing: Llevar puesto –Suit: Traje –Wall: Pared -Why: ¿Por qué? –Because: Porque...

Is he with Luiggy Barguine? Who’s he with? Are they sitting or standing? Is Nigel standing behind Filipe? Is he standing in front of him? Where is he standing? He’s standing next to Filipe. Is Filipe pointing at Nigel? What’s he pointing at? He’s pointing at the map. Is he pointing at a map of Spain? Is he pointing at a map of the world? Is he looking at Nigel or at a map? Is Nigel looking at Filipe? What’s he looking at? He’s looking at the map too. What’s Filipe wearing? What colour is Filipe suit? Is Nigel’s suit white? What colour is it? Where is the map?


The kitchen: La cocina –Dining room: Comedor –Living-room: Cuarto de estar -Hall: Recibidor -Garage –Bedroom: Dormitorio –Bathroom: Baño -Guest bedroom: Cuarto de huéspedes.

Is this the living room? Is it the garage? What is it? It’s the dining room.

Is this the dining room? Is it the bathroom? What is it? It’s the garage.

Is this the garage? Is it the living room? What is it? It’s its the kitchen.

Is this the bathroom? Is it the hall? What is it? It’s the guest bedroom

Is this Michel's bedroom? Whose bedroom is it? It’s Denise’s bedroom.


Okay, let’s look at eight more words, as you usually do, starting with the word:

Difficulty: Dificultad –Delivery: Entrega –Silver: Plata –Bear: Oso –Watermelon: Sandía -A giant: Un gigante –Busy: Ocupado - A screen: Una pantalla.

Let’s go then:

I have no difficulty understanding but I can’t say a word.

People are very helpful. La gente es muy amable.

Delivery means 'Entrega' when you’re talking about merchandise. Okay? 'Mercancía'. For example when we’re talking about 'La entrega de la semana que viene' sería 'Next week’s instalment' utilizamos ahí otra palabra: for example; next week’s instalment of the definite English course

There’s a delivery here for Mrs. Miggins.

The basketball team looked like giants compared to the public.

We don’t say deception 'Deception' means; engaño en ingles. 'Disappointment' es 'Decepción'.

Run! There’s a bear right behind you!

His head is like a watermelon.

There’s nothing like a slice of refreshing watermelon on a hot day. I totally agree.

He may be a giant 'nevertheless or nonetheless' nonetheless he does have feeling, you know? Puede que sea un gigante sin embargo, él sí tiene sentimientos ¿Sabes?

I can’t speak right now I'm very busy or I’m terribly busy.

The screen needs cleaning.

Let’s look at eight more words then, starting with:

Dew: Rocío -Heat wave: Ola de calor –Sunstrock: Insolación –Catchy: Pegadizo -Hake: Merluza –Voucher: Cupón, vale, resguardo –Landmark: Monumento -Dough: Masa -Monument: Estátua.

There was dew on the ground when I left for work this morning. Not 'Left to work'. 'Left FOR WORK this morning'.

There will be a heat wave next week.

The Eiffel tower is the most famous landmark in Paris.

After cycling in the sun for five hours, I got sunstroke. Tras pasear en bici por…

That song is really catchy, isn’t it?

They do a really nice hake dish in that restaurant. ...un plato...buenísimo...

Collect five vouchers and get a free watch.

What’s the most famous landmark in Madrid? Por cierto no solemos decir 'Monument'. 'Monument' significa un monumento a alguien.

The secret to a good pizza is getting the dough right. En acertar con la masa


Let’s look at some more words then:

This time starting with the adjective 'Broad' Ancho/amplio – Growth: Crecimiento 'Growth' también significa tumor o bulto -Everywhere: En todas partes –To improve: Mejorar –Guidelines: Directrices -Approval: Aprobación –Due to: Por, debido a –Lever: Palanca -Hígado: Liver.

Don’t you think that is a broad enough topic for conversation?

We’re expecting a growth of 50% in the next quarter. 1 año = 4-Trimester

Guidelines: Directrices

There are flies everywhere.

Growth: Crecimiento

I hope this meets your approval. Espero que esta reúna (cumpla) tu aprobación

We had to abandon the idea due to the lack of resources.

This lever is stuck! Atascada!

With such a broad (wide) range of interests! ¡Con una gama de intereses tan amplia!

Market analysts: Analistas de Mercado.

...nuestros patrocinadores... We’re still seeking approval from our sponsors.

The match has been call off deu to the bad weather.

Whatever you do don’t pull that lever. Hagas lo que hagas…