Let’s look at eight new words, shall we? The first one being:

Engineering: Ingeniería –Forbbiden: Prohibido –Impartial: Imparcial –Impatient: Impaciente

Middle class: Clase media –Strategic: Estratégico –To forbid: Prohibir –To sew: Coser.

Let’s go with the first example then:

My friend’s daughter is doing an engineering degree.

La hija de mi amiga está estudiando la carrera de ingeniería


Smoking is strictly forbbidden inside the hospital.

Fumar está estríctamente prohibido dentro del hospital


If you’re looking for someone impartial, don’t choose Martin.

Si buscas a alguien imparcial no elijas a Martín.


Don’t be so impatient, it will be ready right away.

No seas tan impaciente, estará listo enseguido.


Toby comes from a middle class family from the south of England.


We could benefit from some strategic planning.

Podríamos beneficiarnos de algun plan estratégico


I’ve forbidden them to take pictures. Les he prohibido sacar fotos.

¿Sabes coser? No, but the actual translation is: Do you know how to sew? And I don’t know how to saw. Do you know how to sew?


Let’s look at eight new words, shall we? Starting with:

Outspoken: Directo, franco –Avocado: Aguacate –Hip: Cadera –Marble: Marmol -Deck: Cubierta de un barco –Thicket: Matorral –Last-minute: De última hora -Savings: Ahorros.

Okay, let’s look at some examples, starting with:

He can be very outspoken when he wants to be. ...cuando quiere serlo.

Avocados contain more fat than other fruit. ...más grasa que otra fruta.

Okay, this verb ended in the soud of 'r'. So we don’t add extra syllable, so we don’t say “fracturéd”. Okay very good.

Mandy fractured her hip in a car accident last week.

A huge marble statue stood next to the front door. ...estaba al lado de la puerta principal

Most people were on the deck when the whale appeared.

Shoot before the rabbit has a chance to hide in the thicket.

We found a great last-minute deal on a hotel in Marrakech. ...una buenísima oferta de última hora...

Now, in this context we would use 'Deal' instead of 'Offer', okay?

Warren’s uncle kept all his savings in a Swiss bank account.


Leadership skills: Capacidades de liderazgo –Leave of absence: Excedencia -Decision making: Toma de decisiones –Middlemen: Intermediarios -PR agency: Agencia de comunicación –Decline: Declive –Overview: Esbozo general -To update: Actualizar.

We need someone with strong leadership skills. ...con gran capacidad de liderazgo.

I’m taking a three month leave of absence. Voy a coger una excedencia de tres meses

The decision making power he has is minimal. El poder de toma de decisiones...

'Make' rather than 'Take' after 'Decision'.


The middlemen are eating into our margins. ...se están comiendo nuestros márgenes

Does our PR. Agency have contacts in the IT. sector? ...agencia de comunicaciones...sector tenológico?

PR: Press Relations.


Our sales figures are in decline.

We need an overview of the situation before we make a decision.

Don’t you think it’s about time we updated our logistics system? ...que ya sea el moento de actualizar...


A keyboard: Un teclado –A key: Una tecla –A mouse: Un ratón –A screen: Una pantalla -A scanner: Un escaner –A laptop: Un portátil –A printer: Una impresora –To press: Pulsar

My keyboard is new.

I don’t need a scanner.

Press this key not that one.

How much does your laptop cost?

Do you have a printer too?


Okay, let’s look at eight more exciting words, starting with:

A mine: Una mina –Lead: Plomo –Plug: Tapón/enchufe –To recover: Rrecuperar

Talkative: Hablador “and owned a mine” –To jog: correr –Glue: Pegamento –Coffin: Ataúd -Lead coffin: Ataúd de plomo. 'The lid' sería la tapa.

Have you taken the plug out of the bath? ¿Has quitado 'To take out'...de la bañera?

It took him three weeks to recover from the flu. ...de la gripe.

'To recuparate' eso es amigo falso. 'To recuparate' means to get something back.

If you’ve lost something you might be able to recuperate it.

My aunt Daisy is extremely talkative.

Dan likes jogging after work as it helps him relax. 'After work' y nunca 'after the work' por ejemplo 'What are you doing after work today?


Let’s look at eight more, really really interesting words, starting with:

'A relapse' which it’s, what I don’t wanna have: Una recaida -Highlights: Puntos más destacado o de mayor interés –Corruption: Corrupción -Mod cons: Comodidades –A soupçon: Una pizca o gotas –Velvet: Terciopelo -Newlyweds: Recién casados –A Bunk: Una litera.

Okay, let’s look at some examples of sentences which include those words.

I only saw the highlights. ...lo más descatado.

Just add a soupçon of vinegar. Simplemente añade unas gotas de vinagre.

I love your velvet trousers. ...tu pantalón de terciopelo

The newlyweds went straight to the airport from the reception.

Which bunk do you want to sleep on?

Cuando tenemos unas posibilidades limitadas delante de nosotros, empleamos 'Which'. En cambio cuando no delimitamos las posibilades utilizamos 'What'.


Reimburse ('e' final cerrada): Reembolsar –Self-employed: Autónomo –Human Resources: HR / RRHH. -Brainstorm: Hacer una tormenta de ideas –To promote: Promocionar/ascender -Research amd Development (R&D): Investigación y Desarrollo (I+D) –To sponsor: Patrocinar -Non-profit organizations: Organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro.

Fill out (fill in) this form to get your travel expenses reimbursed. ...para que reembolsen tus gastos de viaje.

Being self-employed has its benefits. Ser autónomo tiene sus ventajas

We need approval from the Human Resources department.

Perhaps if we brainstorm, we’ll come up with some new ideas. ...surjan nuevas ideas.

Congratulations! I heard you’ve been promoted. ...me dicen que te han ascendido.

We need to invest more in Research & Development.

Why don’t we sponsor the event? ...el acontecimiento?

We finance several non-profit organizations that fight for children’s right.


The bathroom: The loo in UK. –Bath: Bañera –Shower: Ducha –Toilet: Váter -Washing basin or washing sink: Lavabo –Tap -faucet (US.): Grifo –Toilet paper: Papel higiénico –Towel: Toalla -Mirror: Espejo –Plug: Tapón.

The bath is full of hot water.

Does the toilet work here? or Does the toilet here work?

En el lavabo: In the washing basin.

Wash your hands in the washing basin. ('e' abierta haca abajo).

Which one is the hot tap?

Are there any clean towels in the bathroom? ¿Hay toallas limpias en el baño?

Where’s the plug?



Let’s look at eight more riveting words, starting with the word:

A dove: Una paloma blanca –Experience: Experiencia o la experiencia en general

Fig: Higo –Jaw: Mandíbula –Legible: Legible –Nature: La naturaleza –Ordinary: Corriente -Sleepless: Sin poder dormir.

Okay then, let’s look at a few examples of some sentences that contain those eight words:

When the Olympic torch was lit, a Greek actress released a dove into the air.

Cuando se encendió la antorcha olímpica, una actriz griega soltó una paloma blanca en el aire.

How do we pronounce 'Interesting'? We pronounce it, omitting the first 'e'. Okay?

That was an interesting experience. That was an interesting explanation.

I’ll have the fig tart. 'I'll have' I'll have these. I'll have a drink. I’ll have some fizzy water 'agua con gas'. I'll have a pizza.


Nuestra expresión 'Once in a blue moon': De higos a brevas


My jaw hurts when I chew.

Is the writing legible?

The power of natura is incredible.

He was a very ordinary man married to a very ordinary woman. They must have had some interesting conversation over dinner.

I had another sleepless night. Pasé otra noche sin dormir.


We’re gonna look at just one thing today. Well, eight ways of saying one thing; eight ways of saying 'CABREARSE'.

To get angry – To go crazy – To go mad – To blow one’s top – To flip – To lose it -'To go nuts' and another and very American expression 'To go ballistic'.

Nice and easy, so let’s trying use all ordering:

My boss got really angry when I told him about last month’s sales. Mi jefe se cabreó muchísimo...

Cuasndo se enteró; empleando 'TO GO CRAZY' Carl went crazy when he found out.

'TO GO MAD' She went mad when she discovered the truth.

Si segues así voy a cabrear mucho 'TO BLOW ONE'S TOP' If you carry on like that, I’m going to blow my top.

'FLIP' Es enfático. He flipped when she got home.

'TO LOSE IT' She completely lost it when she got home. Se cabreó mucho...

'TO GO NUTS' They went totally nuts when they saw the damage.

'TO GO BALLISTIC' I went totally ballistic at the guy who drove into my car.

Me cabreé muchísimo con el tío que se empotrò contra coche.


Accounting: Contabilidad –Network: Red –Recruitment: Reclutamiento -Merchandise: Mercancía –Productivity: Productividad –To manage: Dirigir -Performance: Desempeño, rendimiento –To charge: Cobrar.

We use cost accounting to keep track of expenditure.

Utilizamos contabilidad de costes para llevar la cuenta el seguimiento del gasto.


Our network of suppliers is very reliable.

We’re slowing down recruitment at the moment. Estamos relentizando...


Will the merchandise be ready for shipping?

We’ve increased productivity by 10%.

No empleamos el artículo “a” para expresar los porcentajes.


Small companies are often more difficult to manage. Suelen ser más difícil de dirigir...


Human resources will carry out a performance evaluation next week. ...llevará a cabo...

There’s no charge for the service. No se cobra por el servicio. No service charge: Servicio no incluido




Reception: Recepción –Lobby: Hall, vestíbulo –Key: Llave –Floor: Planta -A lift or an elevator: Ascensor –A single room: Habitación individual -A double room: Habitación doble –Guests: Huespedes.

There is a message for you at reception.

I’ll wait for you in the hotel looby.

HALL: Vestíbulo de una casa.

Can I have the key to room 212, please? ¿Puedes darme...?

Can I have a beer? Can I have the key to room 212?

Which floor is the room on?

It’s on the third floor. It’s on the second floor.

OUT OF ORDER: Averidado.

How much is a single room per night?

How many guests are there staying at the hotel?


Let’s look at eight more exciting words, and today’s words truly are exciting, because the last one is: False teeth.

Safety pin: Imperdible 'A safety pin' very important word if your trausers are falling down, for example. –Unacceptable: Inaceptable –Indoors: Dentro/en el interior -Outdoors: Fuera/en el exterior –Bedtime: Hora de acostarse –To undergo: Someterse a -To go under: Hundirse/irse a pique 'To sink' –False teeth: Dentadura postiza.

Do you have a safety pin? My trousers are falling down.

'Safety' tiene que ver con evitar accidentes, mientras que 'Security' daños intencionados (robos, ataques, etc.).


Her behaviour is quite unacceptable. ...totalmente inacceptable.

QUITE: 'TOTALMENTE' cuando va junto a ciertos adjetivos de connotación negativa.


As it’s raining, let’s stay indoors today. Como está lloviendo, quedémonos en casa hoy.

He’s been outdoors all day playing with his friends. Lleva todo el día afuera jugando con sus amigos.

After the accident, he underwent plastic surgery. He underwent pastic surgery. ...se sometió a cirugía plástica.

Hugh’s company went under because of the oil crisis.

My father has had two false teeth ever since he injured himself playing rugby.

Para hablar del presente remitiéndonos al pasado usamos el presente perfecto inglés, que se corresponde con Pret. Perf. Compuesto español.


Rose bushes: Rosales –Barefoot: Descalzo –Gel: Gel –To prune: Podar -A prune: Una ciruela seca –A spine: Una púa -And the spine: La columna vertebral o el lomo de un libro 'The spine of the book' –A comic: Un tebeo.

Your rose bushes like sensational this year.

I like walking about the house barefoot.

I need to prune my rose bushes at the weekend. 'To trim' and 'To cut back' are synonymous....este fin de semana.

Prunes are very good for your digestion.

'Porcupines' 'Hedgehogs'. Hedgehog hair: Pelo de erizo.

Porcupines have more spines than hedgehogs.

My dentist injured her spine in a car accident.



Predictably enough, they lost against Barcelona. Como era de esperar...

Strangely enough, my boss said exactly the same thing. Curiosamente, mi jefe dijo exactamente lo mismo.



If I knew it like the back of my hand, we wouldn’t be lost. ...no nos habríamos perdidos.

He knows these tunnels like the back of his hand.



I think there’ll be seven of us. Creo que seremos 7.

There were six of us there when it happened. Estábamos 6 allí cuando ocurrió.

How many of them were there? ¿Cuántos eran?

I don’t know how many of them there’ll be. No sé cuantos serán.

You never know; it might catch on. To catch on: Popularizarse.


My son prefers reading comics to books.


Retailers: Minoristas –To roll out (To deploy): Desplegar –Approach: Enfoque -Trade fair: Feria de muestras –Publicity: Buena prensa –Scarcity: Escasez -Business class: Clase preferente –To set: Fijar una cita.

The retailers are eating up the market. Los minoristas se stán comiendo el mercado.

We’re going to roll out the new system tomorrow. Vamos a desplegar el nuevo sistema mañana.

What approach are you going for? ¿Cómo lo vas a enfocar? ¿Qué enfoque le vas a dar?

We’ll be attending the trade fair this year. Asistiremos a la feria de muestras este año.

The event will be great for publicity. El acontecimiento dará muy buena prensa.

The scarcity of raw material has driven up prices. La escasez de materia prima ha subido los precios.

Do top directors always fly business class? ¿Los altos directivos siempre vuelan en clase preferente?

I’ve set the meeting for 4 p.m. He fijado la reunión para las 4.

I’ve never invested on the stock market. Nunca he invertido en bolsa.

How much would you like to take out? ¿Cuánto le gustaría sacar?

Concessions have to be made bit by bit. Las concesiones tienen que hacerse poco a poco.

A performance evaluation: Una evaluación de desempeño.

She’ll probably be back at nine, nine-thirty. Igual vuelve a las nueve o nueve y media.

Would you over-perform if your bonus didn’t have a ceiling? Yes, I would over-perform if my bonus didn’t have a ceiling.

¿Darías mejores resultados si tu bonificación no tuviera tope?

Don’t get angry. I’m only trying to help. No te enfades. Solamente intento ayudar.



To board: Embarcar –Airport: Aeropuerto –Wing: Ala –Hand luggage: Equipaje de mano -Airline: Aerolínea –Captain: Capitán/comandante –Crew: Tripulación –To land: Aterrizar.

Which airport are you flying to? ¿A qué aeropuerto vais a volar?

I want a seat next to the wing. Quiero un asiento al lado del ala.

Can we take hand luggage into the cabin? ¿Podemos llevar equipaje de mano en la cabina?

I recommend that airline for its low prices. Yo recomiendo esa aerolínea por sus bajos precios.

This is your captain speaking. Les habla el comandante.

The crew was very friendly. La tripulación era muy simpatica.

We’re going to land in 10 minutes. Vamos a aterrizar dentro de 10´.


Let’s look at eight new words:

Greasy: Pringoso –Sticky: Pegajoso –To translate: Traducir –To move: Trasladarse -Rewarding: Gratificante –To rescue: Rescatar –To ruin: Arruinar –Democracy: Democracia.

Those chips look really greasy.

Chips (UK) 'Patatas fritas calientes' Chips (US) 'Patatas de bolsa'

Document: Documento. 

It’s rewarding to know that so many people take this course seriously.

A helicopter rescued the fisherman. Un helicoptero rescató al pescador.

That’s going to ruin your health.

Do you believe in democracy?